‘Only by seeing Roger even walking next to you…’, says former ATP star

'Only by seeing Roger even walking next to you...', says former ATP star

Roger Federer is more than just a tennis champion or a living legend. The Basel phenomenon is also a source of inspiration for millions of people around the world. The former world number 1 played only one official tournament in 2020, the Australian Open, before undergoing a double operation on his right knee that kept him stationary for the rest of the season.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion had promised he would return to the field at the 2021 Australian Open, but in recent days the official announcement of his forfeit has arrived. The imperfect condition of his knee and the strict protocols imposed by the Australian government led the 39-year-old Swiss to postpone his return, which could take place in one of the hard court tournaments following the Australian Open.

Among the many admirers of King Roger there is also former Roland Garros finalist Alex Corretja. In a recent interview granted to Eurosport UK, the Spaniard analyzed the future prospects of the Swiss legend, which could say goodbye to tennis at the end of 2021.

Corretja reflects on Roger Federer’s return

“I’m so excited, I’m about to cry,” Alex Corretja said. “Because I mean we are missing Roger Federer you know, his elegance. Only by seeing Roger even walking next to you, it makes you feel like something is going to happen”.

Corretja went on to elaborate why the idea of Federer’s return filled him with a certain childlike joy. For him, when the Swiss star is in action, it feels like he is ‘dancing on the court’. “Then when you see him play, he’s like dancing on the court and this is something so good,” Corretja added.

“He’s gonna turn what 40 next year and he still has the will to go play and show us that he is capable to win slams. So hopefully he is gonna recover very good”. Olympic Games come only once every four years; therefore, it’s next to impossible for the 39-year-old to participate in Paris.

Notably, his part in Tokyo itself will mark his two decades of playing at the highest level in tennis. “Big plan is to be there (Japan) for the Olympics. Let’s hope for the best for the Olympic Games coming to Tokyo next year, this is also one of my big goals.

I really hope I can come back to Tokyo for that,” Federer said. From two knee surgeries and more than a year break, the challenges are not decreasing for Federer. But the 5th best male in tennis definitely desires to end his magnificent career with a big bang.

Winning a Gold medal at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics will mean the world to Federer and his fans. As a last hope, he will do all that is required out of him to be ready in time. 2021 is surely the last time Federer will compete for Switzerland in the Olympics.

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