Starbucks Write ‘Idiot’ On Phil Neville’s Coffee

Starbucks Write ‘Idiot’ On Phil Neville’s Coffee

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Starbucks Write 'Idiot' On Phil Neville's Coffee

Starbucks are renowned for spelling customers’ names wrong on their coffees but one worker took it a step further by insulting former Manchester United man Phil Neville as he had his morning beverage today.

The England women’s boss took to Instagram to share his coffee cup, which came with the word “Idiot” written on it along with a smiley face. He captioned it, “Football season as [sic[ begun”.

Image: Phil Neville
Image: Phil Neville

It could well be a Manchester City fan who has a natural disdain for Neville, or it could be someone who really dislikes his punditry.

But the most likely explanation, in our view, is that the Starbucks worker isn’t a fan of how ‘Fizzer’ didn’t make his first instant coffee until the age of 37 and how he had to phone his wife for instructions.

In 2015 on BBC Radio 5 live, Neville told the story how a journalist came to his house and asked for a cup of the good stuff when Phil wondered if he wanted a drink.

“When he replied coffee, my heart sank because I thought: ‘how do I do that’,” recalled Neville, “I ran into the kitchen and I thought I am not going to poison this guy so I rang my wife.

“The problem I then had was how much milk to put in. I forgot to ask my wife how much. To be fair, he [the journalist] is still alive.”

Image: PA
Image: PA

Not the best week for the Neville brothers considering elder sibling Gary had a bit of a nightmare on the Premier League launch show. He lost a penalty shoot-out to Jamie Carragher and will now have to wear a Liverpool shirt for one of his broadcasts, while he was also called his younger brother’s name by Pep Guardiola.

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