Harris Reed Wants New MAC Collab To Be a Tool for Self Expression

If you consider yourself a red carpet enthusiast, Harris Reed‘s name will surely ring a bell. Favored by the likes of Harry Styles, Solange Knowles, and Troye Sivan, the LA-raised, London-based designer has made the best-dressed lists more than once for their disruptive fashion creations. Now, after having graced many red carpets, they are taking over the beauty sphere.

Unveiled today, January 12, Harris is launching their first-ever beauty collection in tandem with MAC Cosmetics. Releasing on February 18 and with prices ranging from $20 to $35, the limited-edition collection includes a nine-pan eyeshadow palette, a three-pan lip palette, a two-pan cream color base palette, and a metallic bronze eye kohl.

With gilded Renaissance-inspired pink packaging, the whole collection is a must for beauty collectors but Harris has a clear standout. Part of the Fighting for the Beauty of Fluidity palette, copper shade “Yeah, yeah, yeah” is one of Harris’s favorite eyeshadows from the collection, and not just for its hue. Its very name stands out as something special to them but not for reasons you might be thinking, the 24-year-old designer clarifies.

Instantly perceived as celebratory and punchy, the nomenclature has nothing to do with affirmations and everything to do with shutting down naysayers. “I always just say, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah,’ when there’s someone in the street saying something homophobic or mean to me,” Harris tells Teen Vogue exclusively. “If someone doesn’t understand what I’m trying to say or doesn’t get who I am, [that phrase] lets me brush it off, peel it away, and step forward into the light.”

pCourtesy of MAC.p

Courtesy of MAC.

That’s also the overarching feeling in this collection. Harris hopes this collaboration with MAC will feel inviting to everyone, regardless of age, background, or gender. They urge people to think of makeup not as a form of strict gender performance, but instead as “a tool to help you be the part of yourself that you maybe didn’t know how to express.” “It’s amazing that so many brands are jumping on the idea that people don’t have to be so gender-specific but we have a long way to go,” they continue. “I don’t look at myself as the first pioneer, but I’m hopefully one of many to be coming, wanting to stir things up… a lot. This collection is not for men. It’s not for women. It’s for every single person.”

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