Belgian-inspired Modern Farmhouse near Chicago


What does home mean to you?

My home is my sanctuary, the place where I am most comfortable and safe. I really am a homebody, love to spend time at home with my family, cooking and enjoying the time together. 

What do you love most about your home?

I love that it is a one big open space, wonderfully designed to satisfy all our needs, with a beautiful flow from one area to the next. 

What would you like to change?

Nothing really, I spent a lot of time at the construction site making sure everything was done as I wanted. I was involved in designing every room, every corner in this house. 

Favorite candle/scent?

Brunello Cucinelli candles (any) also Diptyque candles, especially Figuier (fig tree).

Favorite flowers and plants?

White daisies, Lily of the Valley, White Peonies, fresh herbs, as for plants: Evergreens, Boxwood, Yew and Arborvitaes. 

Favorite thing to do at home?

Cooking, another passion of mine, because I enjoy creating new recipes for my family. I also constantly move around my furniture. I also like to create a different look for different seasons. To relax, I love to take a bath and spend time in my beautiful Master Bathroom.   

Favorite meal to cook and why?

I don’t have a specific dish that I prefer, I use the best ingredients possible and create my own recipes. Roasting fish, meats, making pasta, and creating delicious salads. 

What’s on your playlist?

I don’t have a specific playlist but I enjoy listening to Buddha Lounge and Cafe del Mar.

When you have people over, how do you entertain them?

I always cook when I have people over!

How do you hope your guests feel when they visit your home?

Welcome, comfortable, natural, and happy. 

What is your dream piece for the home?

Toogood Roly-Poly dining table and chairs in Cream.

How would your describe your style?

I am becoming more of a minimalist but I still want my space to feel warm and inviting. I love big, open spaces with a minimum amount of furniture, it is always about beautiful architecture for me.  

What is important to you when you visit someone else’s home?

I like the owner to feel comfortable and appreciated for their style.  

Favorite city to shop and why?

Los Angeles. I travel often to LA and love to stop by interior design stores, galleries and in general – just being inspired.  

Your favorite Instagram accounts are…

@houseofgreylondon-beautiful minimal design

@ooaa_arquitectura-timless,minimal but warm architecture

@therow -fashion and art together

@thegreycollective– beautiful interior design

@aman -hotel and travel

@ignant -everything…, design, fashion, architecture , fashion 

@gabrielahearst– everything what she does its exquisite!

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