Lewis Capaldi stuns New York audiences with an appearance by the Jonas Brothers.

During the American leg of his tour, the Scottish hitmaker welcomed Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas onstage to perform the classic vintage ‘Lovebug’

Lewis Capaldi wowed his American admirers during one of his most successful tours to date as he took the stage in New York City to perform his iconic melodies.

Fans were given a special treat, however, when the Scottish vocal legend brought the Jonas brothers on stage with him to perform the group’s 2008 single “Lovebug” from their album “A Little Bit Longer.”

The three brothers from New Jersey were not scheduled to be a part of the performance, but fans were ecstatic when they appeared on stage together, sending ripples of nostalgia through the audience.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas founded the American pop-rock band the Jonas Brothers in 2005, and they garnered popularity from their appearances on the Disney Channel television network, becoming a household staple around 2007.

Will Flower, who posted the video to Twitter, remarked, “Went to Lewis Capaldi, but the Jonas Brothers came out, and I’m now a 13-year-old girl.”

Another concertgoer commented, “The Jonas Brothers came out tonight during Lewis Capaldi’s encore!! Still hysterical.”

Backstage, Lewis Capaldi also shared a clip of the video from his management, adding, “I cannot believe I am now a Jonas brother.”

Lewis Capaldi is presently touring the United States to perform for his American admirers, having recently been joined on stage by his close friend Niall Horan.

At his sold-out Atlanta performance on Sunday night, the Someone You Loved vocalist was accompanied by special guest Niall, with whom he paused his performance to take a photo.

Lewis uploaded a video of the cute moment to Instagram with the caption, “It’s time to BeReal.”

In the video, the One Direction star could be seen rushing to meet a friend, posing for the friend to take a photo of him for his BeReal account, and then departing the scene swiftly.

Following the release of his Netflix documentary, in which he candidly discusses the escalating mental health struggles he has had to endure due to his renown, fans have expressed concern for the Scottish singer.

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