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A man scales the scaffolding at the BBC headquarters and strikes at a statue.

In an apparent protest, a guy climbed scaffolding in front of the BBC’s London headquarters and smacked a disputed monument with a hammer.

There have been requests to have Eric Gill’s Prospero and Ariel monument removed since the sculptor documented sexually assaulting his daughters in his journals.

It is the second time the 1930s work at Broadcasting House has been challenged.

Last year, a protester smashed it with a hammer, and the damage from that incident is currently being restored.

The Metropolitan Police said it was contacted at 04:15 BST on Saturday to concerns of a man climbing scaffolding and destroying a sculpture.

“Given the circumstances of the incident, including the height,” a representative stated.

“Specialist officers have been dispatched.”

By 07:00 BST, the guy could be seen leaning against some scaffolding, wearing a Spiderman mask, and yelling at a police officer.

A police cordon is in place and has been expanded throughout the morning, with portions of Regent Street and the front of New Broadcasting House roped off.

By 11:30 BST, the guy could be seen lying back on some scaffolding, as police remained inside the barrier.

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