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US and UK Forces Assist in Intercepting Iranian Drones Over Jordan, Syria, and Iraq

US Defense Official Confirms ‘Ironclad Commitment to Israel’s Security’ with Royal Air Force Involvement in Regional Operations

A coalition formed quickly, including the US and UK, assisted Israel in intercepting Iranian drones over Jordan, Iraq, and Syria to mitigate the attack and prevent further escalation.

As Israel faced a substantial threat from Iranian drones and cruise missiles, it activated its fighter jets to counter the approaching threats, with support from its allies and neighboring countries, Israeli media reported.

President Joe Biden stated that the US had bolstered its military presence in anticipation of the anticipated attack, and this preparation proved effective.

“In order to aid in defending Israel, I ordered the deployment of additional US military aircraft and ballistic missile defense destroyers to the region over the last week,” Biden explained in a statement. “Thanks to these strategic moves and the exceptional capabilities of our service members, we were able to help Israel neutralize almost all of the incoming drones and missiles.”

Royal Air Force fighter jets and refueling aircraft, operating from bases in Cyprus, have played a supportive role in the region. According to the UK Ministry of Defence, these aircraft have primarily replaced US Air Force missions targeting the Islamic State in Iraq and northeastern Syria. Additionally, they were tasked with intercepting Iranian drones within the UK’s operational area if necessary.

The Ministry of Defence highlighted the UK’s proactive efforts in the region: “In light of increasing threats from Iran and the potential for escalation in the Middle East, the UK has been collaborating with regional partners to promote de-escalation and prevent further attacks,” stated a defence ministry release.

The statement continued, “We have deployed additional Royal Air Force jets and air refueling tankers to support Operation Shader, the UK’s ongoing counter-Daesh campaign in Iraq and Syria. These assets are also prepared to engage any aerial threats within the scope of our missions.”

Reuters reported, citing two regional security sources, that Jordanian jets had successfully intercepted dozens of Iranian drones. These drones were traversing northern and central Jordan towards Israel, with some downed over the east bank of the Jordan River and others near the Iraqi-Syrian border, heading towards Jerusalem.

The Jordanian government did not officially confirm its military involvement. However, the Iranian news agency Fars reported that a source indicated Tehran was closely watching Jordan’s actions, suggesting that Jordan could become a potential target if it acted in defense of Israel.

In a move to bolster defenses against potential Iranian attacks, the Biden administration dispatched General Erik Kurilla, the head of US Central Command, to Israel earlier this week. Reports noted that General Kurilla departed Israel shortly before the initial drone strikes commenced.

In addition to upholding US defense commitments to Israel, the Biden administration is also focused on preventing an uncontrolled escalation that could lead to a broader regional conflict. US officials have stated that their ability to moderate Israel’s retaliatory actions would significantly depend on the scale of the impact and casualties resulting from the Iranian assault.

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