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Moscow Concert Tragedy: 133 Dead, Putin Confirms Arrest of Four Suspects

Deadly Moscow Concert Attack: Putin Announces Arrest of Four Suspects; IS Claims Responsibility

In a tragic event at a Moscow concert venue, President Vladimir Putin reported the arrest of four gunmen responsible for the deaths of at least 133 people, with over 140 injured. The assailants launched a violent onslaught, shooting randomly and igniting the venue. A total of 11 individuals were detained, with the attackers intercepted en route to Ukraine.

The Islamic State (IS) has claimed the attack, showcasing images and unverified footage of the assault on social media platforms. Despite IS’s claims, Russia has yet to respond officially.

Following the attack, Putin, in a national address, denounced the act as “barbaric terrorism” and indicated the attackers’ alleged escape plans to Ukraine, a notion Kyiv strongly refutes as “absurd.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky criticized Putin for attempting to implicate Ukraine.

The White House condemned the attack, labeling it “heinous” and underlining the need to combat the threat of Islamic State globally. Prior warnings of potential threats to large Moscow gatherings by the US National Security Council were previously dismissed by Russia as election propaganda.

Serious Incident at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall during Rock Concert Results in Chaos

Around 8:00 PM local time (5:00 PM GMT) on Friday, distressing reports emerged of a violent episode at Crocus City Hall, situated in the Krasnogorsk area of Moscow. Approximately 6,200 attendees were present for a concert by the renowned band Picnic when gunfire erupted.

Online footage captured the harrowing moment when several assailants traversed the concourse, opening fire on the public, then proceeded to reload and make their way into the concert hall.

Videos circulated on social media depict terrified crowds screaming and fleeing in disarray as the attackers stormed the venue. In the chaos, some concertgoers were seen seeking refuge behind their seats while the shooters continued to target the auditorium.

Chaos at Moscow Concert: Gunmen Attack, Building Set Ablaze

During the tragic event at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall, attendees desperately sought refuge from the assailants, with some hiding in the basement and others climbing to the roof.

Flowers were laid at a makeshift memorial outside the concert hall on Saturday

Concertgoer Anastasia Rodionova described the attackers moving methodically through the crowd, firing silently as the sound of gunfire echoed confusingly through the venue. Another witness, Vitaly, recounted from his balcony view that the attackers hurled petrol bombs, igniting fierce flames within the building.

Following the attack, large smoke clouds were visible above the concert hall, with significant portions of the building’s roof and facade later seen engulfed in flames. According to Tass state news agency, approximately one-third of the structure suffered fire damage.

Additional reports detailed explosions powerful enough to break the glass of the building’s upper levels.

Special forces swiftly responded, entering the venue as emergency medical teams and numerous ambulances rushed to assist the victims. Helicopters were also deployed, attempting to extinguish the blaze from above.

The Russian Investigative Committee has reported that the attackers used a flammable substance to ignite parts of the hall, confirming that the fatalities resulted from gunshot injuries and toxic exposure to burning materials.

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