Aryna Sabalenka describes the death of Konstantin Koltsov in Miami as an ‘unthinkable tragedy’.

Aryna Sabalenka Heartbroken Over Tragic Death of Former Boyfriend Konstantin Koltsov

In a shocking turn of events, Aryna Sabalenka, the world’s number two tennis player, has publicly shared her devastation following the tragic death of Konstantin Koltsov, her former boyfriend and a well-known former ice hockey player. Koltsov passed away in Miami at the age of 42, in what has been described by the police as an “apparent suicide.”

The tennis star, who is just 25 years old and a two-time Grand Slam singles champion, is currently in Miami preparing to compete in the Miami Open. Amid her professional commitments, Sabalenka took a moment to address the heartbreaking news through a statement released on Instagram this Wednesday. In it, she described Koltsov’s death as “an unthinkable tragedy” and expressed how, despite their relationship having ended, she is left with a broken heart.

Aryna Sabalenka, Konstantin Koltsov

Sabalenka has appealed for privacy during this intensely difficult period, asking both fans and the media to respect the privacy of her and Koltsov’s family as they navigate through this tragic time.

Adding to the emotional weight of the situation, Sabalenka is set to play against Spain’s Paula Badosa in the second round of the Miami Open this Friday. Badosa, who has described Sabalenka as her “best friend,” expressed her own discomfort at the prospect of facing the Australian Open champion under such somber circumstances.

Badosa shared that the situation is profoundly challenging for her, given her close friendship with Sabalenka. She admitted to speaking with Sabalenka multiple times since the news broke, trying to offer support. The Spanish tennis player, aged 26, described the ordeal as shocking and emphasized her desire to see her friend not suffer through more pain.

The tennis community stands united during this tragic time, extending support to both Sabalenka and the family of Konstantin Koltsov. As Sabalenka takes to the court this week, her performance at the Miami Open will undoubtedly be charged with heavy emotion following this profound personal loss.

Remembering Konstantin Koltsov: Olympic Athlete and NHL Star

Konstantin Koltsov, a celebrated athlete who represented Belarus at the Winter Olympics in 2002 and 2010, tragically passed away in Miami at the age of 42. Koltsov, who also carved out a notable career in the NHL with the Pittsburgh Penguins, leaves behind a legacy of athletic achievement and national pride.

Following the announcement of his death, the Miami-Dade Police Department clarified that “no foul play is suspected,” addressing public concerns and speculation around the circumstances of his passing.

Tennis World Reacts to Tragic News

The sports world, particularly tennis, is mourning alongside Koltsov’s friends and family. Aryna Sabalenka, the world number two tennis player and Koltsov’s former girlfriend, has been visibly affected by the loss, referring to it as “an unthinkable tragedy.”

Sabalenka, set to compete in the Miami Open, finds herself in a challenging emotional landscape as she prepares to face Spain’s Paula Badosa. Badosa, who overcame Simona Halep in her return match following a doping ban, expressed her discomfort with the situation given her close relationship with Sabalenka.

“Playing against her (Sabalenka) is also uncomfortable,” Badosa commented, reflecting on the delicate balance between professional obligations and personal relationships within the sport. Despite the difficult circumstances, Badosa chose to respect her commitment to not discuss the situation further, emphasizing her support for Sabalenka as a friend and acknowledging her strength.

Badosa remains hopeful for a competitive match, underscoring the professionalism and resilience both athletes display, even amidst personal turmoil. The tennis community and fans worldwide await the match, extending their support and understanding to Sabalenka during this challenging time.

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