Daily Horoscope: April 12,Friday, 2024

Every zodiac sign possesses unique characteristics and qualities that shape an individual’s personality. Imagine beginning your day with foresight into what lies ahead. Continue reading to discover if today holds favorable prospects for you.


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Don’t be an easy target for manipulators today, Aries. The vulnerable moon gets into a spat with agitator Mars, which could lead an acquaintance or coworker to prey on your emotions. Be on guard against anyone who tries to pull your strings so you’ll do their bidding. Even if you’re tempted to take pity on them and do a quick favor, you may be playing right into their hands. Now is as good a time as any to draw a line in the sand.


Money could get funny with Team Toro under today’s tense square between the sensitive moon and impulsive Mars. Think twice about pooling funds with people you don’t know well enough to trust with your hard-earned cash. Before you sit down for a group meal, ask about separate checks, especially if you’re not planning on ordering drinks or appetizers. Sure, it might seem like bean-counting, but that’s better than stewing in anger as you feel pressured to pay for other people’s indulgences. 


You may not know which end is up today when the moon in your sign squares off with Mars in your ambitious tenth house. Even if you think you’re seeing the path ahead as clear as day, this confusing starmap could cause you to rethink the direction you’re headed in. Don’t do anything rashly reactionary like quitting your job. If you’re overloaded, try streamlining your schedule to buy yourself time to reflect. This is not the day to make a big decision that you can’t undo.


Thanks to an overwhelming square between extremist Mars and your ruler, the moon, you won’t have the bandwidth to deal with everything that’s flying at you. A crush of texts, Slack messages, emails and other distractions can interrupt your flow and send you spiraling. Mute the thread with your tea-spilling coworker or family member who’s always crying wolf. They might drag you into their self-made dramas without noticing that you’re busy or asking how you are. The best way to protect yourself today is to bypass the risk altogether.


Are you being ghosted, or is the person who’s “ignoring” you legitimately busy? It’s hard to say for sure, but with the moon in a testy square with impatient Mars, you could reflexively shift into combat mode. Provoking a fight might get you attention, but that short-term satisfaction comes at a steep price. Or perhaps YOU’RE sending out mixed signals and keeping THEM guessing. The mystery and friction are kinda hot, but don’t play with another person’s emotions. If you’re attached, closeness is cathartic under these stormy skies, so book private time together tonight. 


Under today’s bewildering moon-Mars square, you might be tempted to confront someone in hopes of hashing out where you’re headed. If you’re not on the same page with your significant other or biz partner, that’s a valid concern. But your best strategy is to process your own emotions first—by journaling about them or talking them through with a wise friend. Save the Big Talk for another time, when the planets are calmer and you understand your own POV better.


If an old flame lights a (rent-free) bonfire in your head today, blame it on the one-day mashup of the Sun and Mercury retrograde. With this conjunction happening in Aries and your relationship zone, you could find yourself ruminating on the one that (thankfully) got away…and cost you hella money in therapy. No matter how much psychic heat you’re feeling, steel your willpower. It’s possible that they’re thinking about you too, but this would be an inopportune moment to invite them back in. 


This could stack up to a real roller coaster of a day if you don’t stop and tend to your mood. A difficult square between the vulnerable moon in your intense eighth house and excessive Mars in your dramatic fifth will challenge your ability to stay on an even keel. So don’t even try—at least not by yourself. Draw on all the resources at your disposal to get the support you need instead of staying in “wake and grind” mode. You MIGHT be able to muscle through this with the sheer force of your willpower, but your emotional state will be so much better if you tap your team.


Try to remember today that guilt doesn’t serve anyone, Sag. With the sensitive moon forming a tense square with hotheaded Mars, someone you care about could try to make you feel bad about being… you. Don’t fall for their act, and don’t let them play you. There’s no need to go on the offensive, but you SHOULD pick up on it when someone tries to twist you around their little finger. And if you’re the one who needs something from another person, manipulation is not the way to go. Be honest and straightforward.


Control freak alert! Today’s exasperating square between the moody moon in your critical sixth house and high-octane Mars in your communicative third house can cause you to start micromanaging people. But what’s really bugging you? It might dawn on you that you don’t really know. Freaking out over little things is never a great use of your energy. That’s not to say you’re definitely making a mountain out of a molehill. Maybe a coworker has been slacking, or you’ve noticed that someone seems out of sorts lately. Instead of making assumptions, keep your cool, watch and wait. The right answer will reveal itself.


Time to triple-check those numbers, Aquarius. Today’s disorienting moon-Mars square puts pressure on your bottom line. If you’ve been splurging too much lately in the name of fun or you’ve pinched pennies and deprived yourself of life’s pleasures, do yourself a favor and take a cold hard look at your budget. This might feel like a giant buzzkill, but knowledge is power. You need to know the reality of what you’re dealing with so you can decide how to proceed with discernment.


As the touchy moon squares hotheaded Mars in your sign, you could be bristling with animosity. If trouble is brewing beneath the surface, don’t pretend all is well, but don’t rush to conclusions either. If you simply crossed wires with someone, give them an opportunity to explain where they’re coming from. Then explain YOUR position more clearly than you did before. Give each other the benefit of the doubt so you can get on the same page. 

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